Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Well HELLO world!

Just a quick update of our lives. My computer is still crashed, and I've been using the internet on my phone (which DOESN'T do blogger...BOOOOO!) so, it's just a tidbit while using my inlaws computer.
Maleah is LOVING kindergarten. She's playing soccer, and loving that, too. Looking forward to Halloween, and winter. She's awesome!!! Hope to post pics soon. :-s
Jaden is enjoying time with mommy and daddy WITHOUT sissy (read: only child time! woo hoo!) He's talking sooo much, and growing like a weed. He, too, is awesome!
Me, I'm NOT crafting as much as I'd like, but have been enjoying working at Michaels craft store, and being a mommy to a busy kindergartener, and an even busier 2 year old. I, unfortunately, am NOT as awesome as the kiddos.
Justin is back home, and currently looking for a job. ugggg... wish him luck with that one! We're loving having our family all together again, but hating the finacial situation. blahhh, and NOT awesome. But, we're hangin' in there. :-)
Like I said, I'm hoping to post pics soon. And looking forward to having more time to read all of my friend's amazing and inspiring blogs....miss you all out there in blogland... :-( sniff sniff


Jennifer said...

I've missed you! You are awesome! Don't ever say you're not. Boo!That's so cool you're working at Michaels!

Anonymous said...

Sasha I love you and the kids so much and wish that our family could be together.
You are the most awesome mother, and if Justin doesn't tell you your a great wife.

Miss you so much today that I just can't write it the words are not there. I wish you were hooked up so we could talk every day ormaybe ever other day like it us to be.

Love Mom